ESL Supervisor Interview Questions

You've written a cover letter, polished your resume, and procured letters of recommendation.  Finally, you land an interview for a department supervisor position in a dream school district.  You research possible interview questions, but most of what you find is for building principals or curriculum supervisors, and you struggle to prepare.  Sound familiar? Here are the 8 interview questions I was asked on my most recent ESL Supervisor interview.

1. Walk us through the steps for entering and exiting an EL in this state.

2. Explain the process for ordering and proctoring the state ELL assessment.

3. There are many schools in this district, each with its own culture.  How will you adapt to meet the needs of each school's leadership and culture?

4. What would you do if a building principal blatantly disagreed with a strategy you suggested?

5.  How would you spend our allotted Title III funds?

6. What advice would you give to a building principal who has $1500 extra to spend on a Title III before and after school program?

7. What relationship should the Director of Curriculum have with the ESL Supervisor?

8.  What would your first hour of PD look like at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels?

Whether you're looking for an ESL Supervisor job or searching for the perfect candidate, I hope these questions are helpful!


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