56 Technology Free Summer Activities

Recently, I asked my students what they might do during their summer vacation.  Some mentioned going to the local pool and park, but many said, "Play on my tablet all day."  After reflecting on their home lives, I realized that technology as a babysitter is a reality for many of my students.  I can't watch over them all summer, but I can send them home with ideas of things to do that don't require any technology at all. 

cover image of boy at lake, 56 tech free summer activities

All of these ideas are tech-free, require few materials, and most cost nothing.  They can be done alone or with siblings, with or without parental involvement, inside, outside, day, and night.  There is one activity suggested for every day of the week, for eight weeks, and can be done in any order. This tech-free list offers opportunities to continue practicing skills in STEM, literacy, and SEL.  While it won't keep them busy all day, my hope is that it sparks inspiration to explore and utilize the resources they have in and around their homes to create their own fun. 

free printable of 56 tech free summer activities

Feel free to save and share the image above, or click on this link to download a free PDF version.  Happy summer!


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