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June is finally here, and with it comes...rain.  Not swim weather, more like sweater weather! Although we in NJ have had it a lot easier than the folks in Texas.  This month I'm so glad to link up with Farley and donate to the animals of #wimberly.  My sweet Lacey was a rescue dog, so I'm always looking for ways to help the pups who haven't found their forever home yet.

Now on to Currently!

1. I get to school pretty early every day- I'm a morning person.  While I work, I always have Pandora on.  Sometimes it's upbeat, sometimes it's classical, but it's always on.  I found this station, and it's the perfect mix of upbeat and soothing.  It's all instrumental lullaby type music, set to modern songs.  

2. We had a huge party at my parents' house this weekend, and it was a glorious day.  I spent so much time soaking up the sun and now have a happy little tan to prove it. I love summer!

3. 9 days.  I can do it.  Right?

4.  My first stop after the last day of school is always the library.  I'd love to get a hammock to hang out in with all my new books!

5. Well, my feet are starting to swell.  And so are my ankles.  And so is my belly!  Baby C is due right around Thanksgiving.  Good excuse for shoe shopping, right?

6. I love Monday Made it with Tara, I love trying new summer recipes, and I LOVE reading as many books as I can get my hands on.  Come on, summer!!


  1. I started working on my tan last weekend too! Feels so good to see some signs of a tan going on! Have a great summer :)

  2. Girl, I need a tan like nobody's business! We have 7 days left of school and I can TASTE summer! You can make it!

  3. Nine days.... the end is in sight! Boo on the swelling and congrats on the reason why. A hammock sounds divine. My neighbors have this giant tree that envelopes their entire back yard in shade..... I would be the perfect place to read!

  4. 9 days!!! You can do it! :) Oh no that you feet are already swelling! Hope that gets better and not's still so early! Can't wait to see your mint nursery!!

  5. just keep swimming is my motto lately!!!

    thanks so VERY MUCH for donating… you are awesome

  6. Maria,
    Thanks for the compliment : ) I am so with you on the feet swelling thing! Thank goodness it is flip flop season! Have you found out if you are having a boy or girl yet? (or maybe you are keeping it a secret?) I have 8 days left (including today!). Hope your days fly by!!


    The Sassy Sub


Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it.

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