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Yay for May! I know lots of you are gearing up for the last few weeks of school, but we go until June 12.  That's pretty early for New Jersey schools, actually, so I'll take it!

1. It's a lazy Saturday morning here! My husband has never seen Holes so we're watching it together before heading out for the day. 

2. Congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Can't wait to see her style that baby!

3. Next week starts the 2nd round of PARCC testing for my kiddos.  I wish I didn't have to stand by and watch them struggle.  Breaks my heart. 

4. I have quite a few events coming up- bridal showers, retirement dinners, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, weddings, graduations...I need some dresses, stat!  I'm on the hunt...where do you shop for all-occasion dresses?

5. I woke up with a killer headache today.  Hoping it goes away by the time we see Avengers tonight. 

6. I'm going to Las Vegas for the TPT conference!! 
I hope we can squeeze in some time in Cape May this summer- there is a restaurant called the Blue Pig Tavern that I love. 
We keep talking about re-doing our kitchen, but haven't started the process (besides endless pinning!). 

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  1. Holes is such a great movie! Also, I hope your headache goes away because I heard Avengers was super good! Have fun in Las Vegas!

  2. That's a fun movie to watch! I have a hard time finding dresses, too, but ending up finding a basic black dress at Target a few months ago. I'm jealous you get to go to Vegas!
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  3. I too have a few retirement parties to go to ...I am so not a dress person, but when it comes to dresses I got some maxi skirts and dress the top up and down for the occasion ....Hope to go to the TPT conference this year too!

  4. I hope you enjoy Vegas! Ive heard that Avengers was a great movie so enjoy it!


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