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Hooray for April! I'm starting off the month with Spring Break, so I know it will be a great month.  Here's what's up for this month's currently.

First of all, how cute are those chicks? I love the way they're all lined up.

1. I like to start off my morning with some "mood" music.  Not that kind of mood! I choose my Pandora station based on what the day will bring.  If we're doing presentations, I put on Broadway.  If we're working on a project, I put on Top Hits so we can move and groove.  If we're taking a test, I put on classical.  Today is the last day before Spring Break, so I put on some good old Jimmy Buffett and the Beach Boys to get us in the mood for warmer weather.

2. Spring Break.  Starts today.  Hallelujah.

3. Next week I'll be taking the exam (kind of like a Praxis) to become a Principal.  Next week I will also start studying.  I have terrible-awful study skills and prefer to take tests cold.  But this test cost $425 so you bet your bottom dollar that I will be studying. 

4. I have plans here and there for Spring Break, but thankfully my week isn't too packed.  I already have Sunday night blues and it hasn't even started yet!

5. I keep saying, "I'll just paint my own toes."  Never happens.  And really, they do such a much better job than I do!

6.  Although I currently teach ESL, I won't be a teacher forever, and I think my blog name will suit my career as an administrator as well.

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  1. Maria,
    I didn't know you were thinking about becoming a principal, you go girl! I keep thinking about getting another certification or Master's but I can't decide. Enjoy your Spring Break and hopefully I will see you later in April.

    Brynn Allison
    The Literary Maven

  2. Maria,
    That's awesome that you're going to become a principal! Good luck on your test! I'll let you know how stitch fix works out for me. There's nowhere to shop in the Bahamas so it's gotta be a step up. Happy Spring Break!
    Joya :)

  3. Maria - it is so great you are working towards being an administrator. We need more administrators with ESL experience! (At least we do in my neck of the woods) I also need a pedicure - but I can't reach my toes (8months preggo) so that's a great excuse to have someone else do it for me!
    I hope your spring break is spectacular (today is day1 for me) and your April is awesome.

  4. I love your blog name and your blog colors! Very pretty!

  5. I hope you added get a pedicure on your spring break plans! Good luck on your test!! And enjoy your spring break :)

  6. Hope your spring break is going well! Don't let studying ruin your fun! I think I need to put on some Jimmy Buffet to get me out of this cold weather funk!

    Eclectic Educating


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