August 2014 Currently

One month of summer down, one to go. I plan to savor August for all it's worth!  Here's what's "currently" going on.

Listening: Lacey and I are spending the weekend at my parents' house, where she's not allowed in the living room.  Lacey's a sad puppy!

Thinking/Wanting: This year I'll be teaching 4/5 combined ESL Language Arts and I'm really excited! But I need a lot from the TPT sale! Are your carts stocked? Mine are!!

Grab your {FREE} TpT Banners to promote your store!  The Blast off Back-to-School Sale is right around the corner!

Needing: Oh Lacey.  Lacey learned that ringing her puppy door bell means I jump up to take her outside.  She now uses it to manipulate me into taking her outside to chase bunnies.  

I'm still well into summer mode! No countdowns here! 

Link up with Farley and enjoy the rest of your summer!


  1. I am so jealous that you have another whole month of summer!! We go back over a week before the kids to sit in BORING professional development classes.... blah!!

  2. I'm going to be savoring every moment, too! I'm going to stalk your blog looking for pictures of your puppy. I hope I find some!!

  3. I wish it was the law that everyone went back to school in September!!! ENJOY August!!!!

  4. My cart is bursting!!! I can't hardly wait for Monday's sale! Great 4/5 is a perfect age! Have an awesome weekend.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  5. Oh Lacey! She might not be behaving, but it sounds like she is one smart dog figuring out that doorbell! I am so glad we have another month of summer left. I am not ready yet!

    Eclectic Educating


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