Jersey Teacher Blogger Meet-Up

Anne Hathaway.

Judy Blume.

Annie Oakley.

Martha Stewart.

Clara Maass.

Jane Krakowski.

Do you know what these women have in common?  They are all New Jerseyans who have made an impact.  They will be remembered for their life, their work, or their inspiration.  The same can be said for the women- teachers, mothers, sisters, daughters, bloggers, wives, and friends- in the picture below, who I had the pleasure of meeting today.  We chatted, ate, laughed, and ate some more at the Cheesecake Factory in Lawrenceville.  I can't wait to spend more time with each one of them!

Thanks to Sue @Science for Kids for the picture!

Clockwise from bottom left: 

Amy from Eclectic Educating
Eclectic Educating
Sue from Science for Kids
Science for Kids

Lindsey from Forever First Grade by Lindsey Brooks

Hey, it's a button!
Maria from Everyone deServes to Learn

Lisa from Bloomabilities and Dandy Doodles
My Photo

Amie from Glitter Meets Glue
Glitter Meets Glue Designs
Karen from Silly Sam Productions
Silly Sam Productions

Maria Whelan

Linda Nelson from Primary Inspiration
Primary Inspiration
Lauren Kenny
Lauren Kenny

Ashley from Anchored in Learning
Anchored in Learning

If you don't know these Jersey girls, go check them out, because


  1. Thanks for organizing this Maria! It was so much fun! I am so glad I got the chance to meet some fellow Jersey girl TPT/Bloggers!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. Hi there~

    I can't thank you enough for organizing this! So much fun! Great conversation and even prizes! Wahoo! It inspired me to get blogging again...soon!

    I'll send you pics of counter soon!

    (If duplicate post comes up, please delete this...sorry!)

  3. Thank you so much for organizing Maria!! It was great meeting everyone!!
    Science for Kids Blog


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