Painted End Tables: Monday Made It

Who knew painting furniture was so easy?!  Today's Monday Made It is a project I've been wanting to do since we moved to this house.  Bonus, it only took 2 days.  That makes this impatient perfectionist happy, happy, happy!

Painted tables
You will need:
Cardboard or dropcloth
1 medium to fine grit sandpaper (I found an extra large block that looks like a sponge)
2 cans of spray paint per table 
1 can of clear enamel
painter's tape 

Here's the before
I actually didn't have this table here in real life- I just put it there for the picture.  It was hiding in a guest bedroom with its twin, because it did.not.go with our living room.  Actually, neither table went with any room in our house, hence the need for paint!

I lightly sanded and then sprayed a light first coat over the whole table.  While it dried, I moved to the second table. 

I let them dry overnight in the garage. (Does it look like someone died in my garage? Don't mind that please.) I did one table with Rustoleum and one with Valspar.  The next morning, I had to do a third coat on each table with a second can of Rustoleum- the much better option.  Then I coated each table with clear enamel and let dry overnight again. 

Here are the after pictures!  I accessorized by shopping our house and picking up a new piece at my favorite store, Kirkland's.  I do need a nicer charger for under my Christmas Cactus than a napkin.  Small steps, people.
Hurricane lamps: BBB
Clock: Kirkland's

Here's the second table in a guest bedroom. 
Charger and Succulent: Kirkland's 
This guy was the Valspar experiment and never fully recovered...but it's ok because that room is beach themed so he can look a little rustic.  It's a sad, boring little table right now, but I have a coral lamp to put on top that needs a next Monday Made It?

What do you think of my first foray into painted furniture?  Link up your Monday Made It's with Tara!


  1. Your tables turned out great! I love using spray much easier than painting!


  2. Wow! Those look great! I think I need to have you come decorate the apartment!

    Eclectic Educating

  3. Tables look great! Thanks for linking up:)
    4th Grade Frolics

  4. That looks great! I love painting furniture, but I've never used spray paint bc I don't have a garage or place to dry without fumes in the house.
    This Old Art Room

  5. I love these tables! I'm thinking I'm definitely coming back next week to see what you do with the lampshades. I love your rug and yellow pillows in the first picture, too btw. Thanks so much for sharing.

    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  6. are inspiring me to want to do some painting. I think I want to try some chalk paint. We shall see though! The new tables look LOVELY!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. That looks great! I love all the tables of this bog.
    Flush door Manufacturer in India

  8. Beautiful! Just simply beautiful. You have been busy. I'm about to tackle a table this weekend.

  9. Your tables look beautiful! What a great way to change the look of a room by painting! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it.

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