Teaching Prefixes and Suffixes and a Freebie!

We're winding down our school year, and I'm trying to cram in the last few important things I need to teach before the end.  Luckily, I will have most, if not all, of my students with me in summer school so whatever I don't get to, concept wise, I can address during that 4 week period.  My teaching partner and I have some awesome things planned!

But before that, we had to get through affixes.  I saved it for very last as it's such a tough concept for ELL's- they need to know so many root words before they can go around adding prefixes and suffixes and understanding what they mean.  For prefixes, we turned to our good friends Annie and Moby.

Next we watched two quick Youtube videos to go over un and re

We learned un, re, mis and dis.  Those were the prefixes I thought were the most important for my students to know.  I had my students make a chart in their notebooks which they referred to throughout the week.  We used these Prefix and Suffix Anchor Charts which were really helpful! After our initial lesson, we reviewed orally and then played some games with our interactive whiteboard. 

Then we made flapbooks from Step into Second Grade's Freebie

We also played Bluster on the iPad, which has a game for matching prefixes.  Click here if you want to see my review!

Last, I gave them a formal assessment, even though I knew they got it from doing the flap-books and all the other fun activities.  Sometimes you just need to put something in Powerschool! 

If you need an assessment too, click here to pick mine up from Google Drive!

The following week, we learned about suffixes.  We learned ful, ness, less, and ly.  There's no Brainpop Jr.  about suffixes (Hey, Brainpop...get moving on that!) so we watched the regular Brainpop but that was way over my kids' heads. I followed the exact same lesson plan for prefixes, just switched up the games.  Here's what we played:


I ended by giving them the suffix assessment from my freebie- see above! There are so many great prefix and suffix games and activities out there- I chose to go pretty techno this time, especially because my kids are so into using the iPad and the whiteboard.  How do you teach affixes?


  1. Love BrainPOP! I love all the technology you used for these lessons! I bet the kids loved it all too, and I bet they are masters of prefixes and suffixes!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. Love love love your ideas- that will make this week so much easier! Thanks!

  3. Here's some more online learning resources for suffixes and prefixes:
    Learning Games - suffixes and prefixes
    Vocabulary Games Prefixes
    Vocabulary Games Suffixes

    The others that you point to are pretty good. Thanks!


Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it.

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