Jamie O'Rourke and the BIg Potato Reader's Theater

We read Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato and did a Reader's Theater.  When I did the read-aloud I put on my best Irish brogue...but I couldn't get the kids to do it.  It was enough to get them to understand why Jamie says "Me back is sore." Check out the Reader's Theater if you need something to do for St. Patrick's Day- it's super fun!



  1. The food you post always looks so delicious! I'd really love to hear how the Three Cheese Pesto Lasagna Stacks turn out. I love pesto. I also am a big fan of Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato. That must make a really fun reader's theater.

    Eclectic Educating

    1. The lasagna is delicious! It's the second time I've made it. The recipe is spot-on.

  2. I am going to check out the chicken, looks yummy.

    The First Grade Princess


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