12 Days of Elf-Mas (Classroom Elf on the Shelf Ideas)

If you plan to use the Elf in your classroom this Christmas, I've got some great ideas for you! Rather than make it about behavior, I decided to use the Elf to inspire some Random Acts of Classroom Kindness with my students.  Read on to see how it worked!

I started by working backwards and creating a calendar based on our last day before Christmas vacation.  From there, I planned out each RACK that my students would complete, making sure we had enough time in our schedule each day to do so.  Then I brought out our Elf!

We took a vote and the students named her Melissa. 

The next day, Melissa brought us our first RACK and a special treat!

Each day, I tried to pose Melissa in conversation-starting poses which would enhance classroom discussion.  This day's discussion: can Elves read and write?

Melissa could be found all over our classroom.  I don't have many high surfaces, so I had to get creative!

One day, the students walked in and were so disappointed...they couldn't find Melissa as hard as they tried! 

It took quite a few minutes, but eventually they spotted her. 

I had conveniently posed the Grinch right next to the door with the duct tape...so sneaky, Mr. Grinch!

Melissa wrote us some funny notes on our Easel, too! This confirmed that Elves could write, but poorly!

She even brought some treats for our class mascot!

Melissa even zip-lined across our classroom.  But she got in trouble for breaking a desk while she was climbing up there. *ahem* It was fun to get our custodians involved in that one!

For her last day, Melissa brought us a final RACK by parachuting into the classroom.  She got stuck on the American flag!

Throughout her visit, my students were able to complete RACK's for soldiers, senior citizens, and our school community.  We wrote letters, sent thank-you cards, and sneakily dropped off packages of candy canes to other classrooms.  We decorated the teacher's lounge and sang carols in the classroom.  It only took 5 to 10 minutes out of our day, but it made us a much stronger community! 

Want to try the 12 Days of Elf-Mas in your own classroom? Feel free to use the ideas in the pack below- click here to download it!

Happy RACK-ing! 


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