You've Been Boo'ed! (Staff Morale Booster)

One of the traditions at our school is the annual "You've Been Boo'ed" game.  It's something I look forward to every year, and this year, I decided to give our tradition a little face-lift.

If you've never been boo'ed, it's simple! One person starts the chain by placing an anonymous basket of Halloween goodies in front of another classroom door.  The recipient then puts an "I've Been Boo'ed" sign on the door and "boo's" another person.

It's completely anonymous, low cost, and requires no staff meetings (hooray!).  Want to try it? I just posted a free version in my TPT store- click any picture to download! If you're not sure what to put in your basket, here's an example.  Best part? Everything came from the dollar store!  

In my basket: 
A mixed bag of candy (because chocolate makes everything better)
Fake spiders (for decoration or to make someone squirm!)
More candy (because, why not?)
A rubber bat (for decoration or to really make someone squirm!)

I wanted to make my basket look like a cauldron, so I placed everything in layers of tissue paper.  I had a specific person in mind for my boo basket, so I made sure to layer the candy with the fake spiders for an extra spooky twist.   

Here's what it looked like in our hallway when I dropped it off:

Post the directions in your faculty room or near your copier so everyone can see, and then get  your boo on!

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