Five for Friday

Friday, I'm in love.  Here's a peek back at my week! 

1.  My newcomer ELL's have been learning about the Pioneers, and to finish off our unit, we played Oregon Trail! I didn't even know this was still around.  Apparently there's an app you can buy, but after a little googling, I came across this one!

2.  I wish I had video-ed this moment.  We are working on an economics unit, and the first part is a future budget simulation.  Today's activity was a Game of Life type scenario, where kids had to roll the dice to see how much money they would gain or lose from their budget.  My kids said it was the best game we've played all year.  I'll call that a win!

 Here's a shot of their simulation- so much fun!

3.  My teammate has an Osmo, and we have been borrowing it periodically.  It's a great 5 minute time filler, and so perfect for ELL's!

4.  This is Lacey's new trick.  Can you see her? She sticks her nose under the fence and pretends she is some ferocious guard dog.   She has a big imagination.

5. I passed my principal exam!!!  What a relief!  Thanks for your support and good wishes- they paid off!

What happened in your world this week? Link up with Kacey!


  1. Congratulations on your passing! Lots of exciting stuff happening!!

  2. You use technology so effectively in your classroom!! I can't believe your kiddos played Oregon Trail--classic memories!!

    The Sassy Sub


Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it.

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