Melting Snowman Craftivity

Happy New Year!

Are you ready for the first day back? Of course not- I'd rather stay in my PJ's for another week too!

I may not be ready to leave the comfort of my PJ's, but at least I'm not stressed about my lesson plans.  I started this craftivity with my class before we left for Christmas break, knowing that we would just pick up where we left off in January.

This craftivity includes two optional glyphs, which I had my firsties start last week. There are three options for the craft- one to cut and color, one to cut, color, and arrange some of the pieces, and one to cut, color, and arrange all the pieces.

They each have their own personality! How adorable!

There are also quite a few snowman-themed printables and writing prompts- this one is my favorite! 

I displayed the finished products on my door, which serves as my bulletin board. #bulletinboardlessteacher 

I found chalkboard style wrapping paper at Target and backed it with cardstock to make it stay stiff.  

I'll add the rest of the snowmen around the door once my kiddos are done working.  Early finishers can work on the printables while they are waiting for their friends to finish.  Lesson plans done! 

If you have older students or are looking for something a little more rigorous, check this out: 

My latest diary is a science-based informational text, which teaches about the formation of snowflakes and Snowflake Bentley, all from the perspective of one little snowflake.  Click the pic to grab it from TPT!

I hope you have a great New Year with your class! 


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