Sharing the Love {Sale, Freebie, and Giveaway)

The holidays are upon us!  I love this time of year- the chestnuts roasting on a open fire, silver bells, sleigh rides, shoppers rushing home with their presents...have I been listening to too much Christmas music already?

Probably.  Definitely, if you ask my husband.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I sure did- I'm comfortable in my turkey coma and planning on spending the weekend in yoga pants, drinking healthy smoothies and filling up my wishlist!!  Why?

It's time for the TPT Cyber Monday Sale!  

I have been looking forward to this sale since, oh, September 6th.  I've been trying to be better at long-range planning, so my wishlist has been filling up since then.  I can't wait to have two whole days to empty it!  Here's a tip: buy your big stuff on Monday, leave feedback, and then use your credits to buy the rest on Tuesday! What?! Mind = blown. 

In the meantime, I'm going to share the love in a big way.  My store will be on sale Dec. 1 and 2, but in case you can't make it, I'm having a giveaway for $25.00 and $10.00 worth of products from my store.  I'm also going to share my 12 Days of Elf-mas pack with you, because I <3 you and I'm sharing the love.  Get it?

  Here's the game plan: 
1. Enter giveaway (Runs until Sunday night)
2. Grab freebie
3. Fill up wishlist
4. SHOP!!
5. Have yourself a wonderful holiday season!  

We are going to be doing 12 Days of Elf-mas in my room- the elf will make her appearance on Friday the 5th, and each day will bring us a RACK to complete.  Our elf won't be without some mischief, but the primary purpose of her visits will be to make sure my class is making December magical for others by RACK-ing.  If you want to join in on the 12 Days of Elf-mas, grab the freebie here!

Do you do RACK's with your students? Good luck with the giveaway, and go fill up those carts!


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