Shared Research: Bats

Today my class went a little batty.  In a good way! We are going to be reading lots of nonfiction about Halloween next week, so I wanted to test the waters with a subject I knew my boys would love: bats!

We started by telling what we knew about bats.  I could have done a KWL, but I just asked orally.  Then, we watched a few videos as a whole group.  We were able to immediately discuss some truths and misconceptions about bats just in the first few minutes. 

After we watched this video, as well as the two suggested at the end, I broke my kids up into teams.  We've recently started a new team system for grouping.  In my class, I have Transformers (low proficiency) Avengers (average proficiency) and Marvel (high proficiency).  

Once they split up around the room, each group received a QR code to scan, with a video to watch. In my class, I tell them the path to find an assignment, and they go in and copy it into their own notebooks.  It is SO easy to differentiate that way, because I can place an assignment in an individual student's notebook without anyone ever knowing it was different. 

 Here are the three videos, in order of differentiation: 



After each group watched their video, they worked on a graphic organizer as a team.  I had one student use their tablet for the video, and the other use their OneNote to fill out the graphic organizer.  If you are not a 1:1 school, you can easily do this lesson by printing one page per group, and having groups rotate or share computers/iPads.

Marvel and Avengers both used the same graphic organizer, although they had different videos.  It is a 4-3-2-1 style organizer, which I have only used once before, but loved the format for this purpose.  The boys loved it too, especially since it counted backwards.  They are so much more motivated when they can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Check it out below, and then grab it here from google drive. 

My Transformers group worked on a Can Have Are chart, and used some more visual aids to help them form their sentences.  

Here is the Can/Have/Are chart they're working on.  Click the picture to grab it from TPT.

Once we finished our graphic organizers, each team presented their findings.  Since they all had remaining questions about bats, we'll spend some time tomorrow swapping and researching each other's questions.  

This lesson tied in so many important aspects: teamwork, technology, research and presenting.  We covered reading, writing, listening, and speaking in one class period.  That makes this teacher happy happy happy! I will definitely be using the 4-3-2-1 organizer for other nonfiction topics that we come across. 

In other Halloween news, I recently wrote Diary of a Vampire! It's bundled together with my 2 other Halloween Diaries, which we will be reading next week in class.  This Halloween bundle is currently 20% off, so click any picture to grab it from TPT.

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  1. Great use of technology! Those videos were probably a big hit! I really loved how you differentiated the lesson!

    Eclectic Educating


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