Symmetry Skeleton Craft

Here's a super fun and easy craft!

Fold a piece of paper in half.  Starting from the folded/creased side, write your name.  Without unfolding, cut around your name.  Don't cut on the crease! When you open it, you'll have a mirror image of what you've written.  Then add a head, arms, and voila!

In funny puppy news, Miss Lacey chewed the following this week; her Daddy's iPhone.  This brings the list of Super-Storm Lacey damaged items to the following: 1 iPhone, 3 of Mommy's shoes, 2 of Daddy's shoes, a remote control, 1 coffee table leg, the baby gate, and countless hair ties and bobby pins.

  When she's good she's good, but when she's bad she's awful!

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  1. Split screen work? I am impressed!! Oh, Lacey! She is worth it, though! I cannot wait to see your pumpkin and all the kids'! Take pictures of them all!

    Eclectic Educating


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