DIY Diffuser, Spirit Bows, and a Craft-astrophe: Monday Made It

This was a busy week in the crafting department, although I believe some of my motivation came from my desire to make up for my DIY Elsa Cape craft-astrophe.  But instead of retiring my hot glue gun, I persevered and made some great stuff to share for Monday Made It!

First up, some DIY Diffuser jars that I saw last week on The Idea Backpack.  This was probably the easiest and quickest project ever.   If it were food, it would qualify for the show "Semi-Homemade" because it was that simple.

Here's how it went down: I bought the water gems (right), mason jars, and the tulle remnant at Joann Fabrics.  Later that day, while searching for essential oils, I found pre-scented water gems (left) at Homegoods.  So I figured I'd mix them!

I did a layer of green, a layer of clear, and repeated.  It makes a really pretty ombre look.

Then I cut a square of tulle and placed it on top of the jar and replaced the lid.  Done! These were so easy and quick- I think they'd make pretty good gifts, too!

Next up, I made some spirit bows and shirts for my teammates at school.  Our school colors are blue and gold and we have to wear them on Fridays, so it's become kind of a challenge to find cute Friday clothes besides our standard-issue shirt. I used this tutorial to get started, then I just folded and glued until I was happy.  

For the shirts, I did a nautical theme. My teaching partner calls me "The Admiral" since I dot the t's and cross the i's.  I call her "The Cruise Director" because she is always trying to please everyone.   We have two other teachers working with us in Summer School, so I made their shirts "The First Mate."  We all wore them on Thursday and looked really cute!

And last but not least, my DIY Elsa Cape Craft-astrophe. 

I researched. 

I measured.

I gave her three options for closure.  Three!

Then I started to decorate.  I made swirlies.  I made snowflakes.  I made curliques.  I made an Olaf! 

I was so proud of my beautiful designs.  

I knew my niece would love it.  

So I let it dry.  And dry it did.  It dried with the newspaper stuck right to it.  And no amount of scrubbing or washing or pulling or harsh words would un-stick it.   

I'm pretty sure I'll find a way to use this in my would you re-purpose my craft-astrophe?

So that was my week in crafts! Did you have any craft-astrophes or craft-chievements?  Link them up with Tara!


  1. Oh no...I would have cried over that cape craft-astrophe! Your school spirit shirts and bows are so cute.
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. It was a beautiful cape... good job on all your projects!

  3. I bought some essential oils the other week. I will definitely have to try the diffuser! Thanks for the idea.

  4. I want to come play crafts with you!!! does the bead thing smell? Is it scrumptious? I think you should repurpose the Elsa Cape and wear it to school! No should!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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