Halloween Emergent Reader

I am so proud of my newcomer students! This week marked a turning point in their reading and sight word recognition.  Most of them are saying words in English when they can, and getting so excited about learning more words.  I am especially proud of their sense of humor- sometimes ELL's don't understand jokes, but these kids are constantly making jokes and laughing with each other, even with the little English they know!

We have been working on simple phrases such as "I can" "I have" and "I am" but next week I will introduce the phrase "I see" to them.   We started learning some Halloween vocabulary, but this will help us finish up.  They are so very excited about Halloween vocabulary, even though they've never been trick-or-treating and probably won't have costumes to wear unless I buy them.  Every time one of my students passes a certain ghost bulletin board, he says, "Wooooooo," just like a ghost- it's so cute! Next week I'll be reading Diary of a Witch with my 4th graders, but didn't want my newcomers to be left out, so I  decided to make a little treat for them to read- I hope some of you can use it!   Click on any picture to grab it from TPT.


My husband wants to watch  scary movies...let me tell you, some of this clip-art is about as much as I can handle! I am a Halloween wimp! I'm off to convince him to watch something else.


  1. What a fun and festive book. I hope you have a happy (and not too scary) Halloween!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  2. That is so exciting about your newcomers! I am sure it is because they have such a fabulous teacher. I hear you on the scary movies. I made Eric watch the old Disney classics from our childhood - Halloweentown, The Disney Sleepy Hollow cartoon. For some reason, he was not as excited as I was.

    Eclectic Educating

  3. Awww yay for students catching on! So rewarding!! I love my booties too! =) I got them at Shoedazzle.com ! I get A LOT of my fall boots and pumps there! So cute and inexpensive. =) Thanks for stopping by.
    Just Wild About Teaching


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