Number Sense Games

We are rolling right along in the land of ELL's! Here's a little glimpse into our week of number sense.

1. In first grade, we worked on short a words, and played a game similar to "Stomp the Number." I just make up these titles...I also just make up games off the top of my head most of the time!  I showed the word, the kids read the word, we tossed it on the carpet, and then I had someone from the other team call a word out.  Kids had to race to pick it up.  So we had gym and literacy! You can do this game with anything- sight words, math facts, periodic table elements...

2. We are plugging along with counting and number recognition with my sweetie-pie newcomers.  I am SO excited that they now say my name when they need something.  It's a huge milestone!  They are also really into music- they sing along to everything!! Here's the "flavor of the week" number song: 

3. We learned Even and Odd this week...thank goodness for Brainpop.  I heard, "Moby, yes!" a hundred times.  We haven't learned "cool," "awesome" or "great" yet!


  1. I love BrainPop. It is one of my (and my students') favorite ways to introduce a new topic.

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  2. Love the cute pumpkins for the game! Nice touch! I can't wait to see what great books you got! Better late than never, right?

    P.S. I have your base ten blocks ready!

    Eclectic Educating

  3. Your fall decorating looks nice :) I haven't gotten around to decorating for fall yet!


  4. Cute game for reviewing words! How exciting to get so many new books!! Love it when new books come in!
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