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A few posts back I mentioned that I was having some difficulty keeping some of my motor-mouths quiet.  Well, I found the solution.  Quiet critters! Although I debuted them around Valentine's Day, so I call them Love Bugs.  Voila!

I also made this super-fun "board" game that we started playing today during my Daily 5 groups.  I'll get through all my groups and then let them play during Word Work.  It's so great for speaking and listening! So far my kids have loved it. Check out the preview and then grab it here!

Here's what I made to help my sweethearts learn about seasons, months, clothing, and weather!

I hope you found something you could eat, make, or use today! 



  1. The blueberry crumb looks delish!!! I'll have to try that one. I found your lovely blog through Zoom Zoom's newish primary grade blogger list.
    First Grade Enigmas

  2. I have the game all printed and ready to go for tutoring this week! I'm SO excited about it!


  3. Every single one of those recipes you made looks absolutely delicious! Your Talking to a Leprechaun activity looks like a really great way to practice listening and speaking. What a clever idea. As far as weather, my precious children just do not understand how to dress appropriately. If I see another tank top in 30 degree weather, I do not know what I will do!

    Eclectic Educating

  4. My mouth is watering just looking through your post! Yummy! Your TPT products look amazing too:) Awesome Monday Made It!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  5. Those blueberry bars look amazing! My husband takes our girls blueberry picking every year. I'm saving this recipe for then!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  6. OK, you have GOT to cut back on these delicious posts!! I'm putting on calories just reading! LOL

    Tiny Toes

  7. My mouth is watering for this seasons packet. I love that you include the "How We Dress" component in the unit. Learning about the changing seasons is one of the first grade Virginia science standards of learning under the Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change strand. ScienceSOL1.7

    Thanks for sharing!

    Zoom Zoom Classroom


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