Teaching Fact and Opinion

This week in 3rd and 4th grade we learned all about fact and opinion.  This is a skill that's pretty difficult for ELL's so I wanted to spend a larger chunk of time on it and really let them understand the difference.

I started by making a t-chart on the board, and brainstorming about the difference between a fact and an opinion.  Amy at Eclectic Educating has some great ideas about how to teach F&O.  Since it had been covered already in their mainstream classes, they had a general idea of the vocabulary. 

So we watched this (and sang along, of course!):

The next day, I had them make their own t-chart in their notebooks with fact and opinion vocabulary.  When they were done, I had them each write one fact.  They read them aloud, and I made sure to ask, "Can you prove it 100% to everybody in the whole entire world?" If it couldn't be proven- proved? (I don't know) they had to highlight it and drag it over to their opinion side. We did the same thing for opinions. Everyone wrote one and shared it- some were really great! "Can you prove that Mrs. M-C is the beautifulest teacher in the world? No? Good- that's an opinion!" 

Well, I thought we had it down.  The following day, we started with a great game from Arthur that we played in pairs. 

That's where it started to go downhill.  We moved on to a passage from our study of Black History Month, and followed up by attempting these questions in pairs. 

I quickly learned that they were great at writing their opinions, but when it came to reading or listening, they could not tell the difference.  So we moved on to this website from the state of NY.

This one was better, because it used targeted vocabulary such as believe, like, and should.  That's fantastic, but the reality is that not all opinions use that vocabulary.  That's what makes it so hard for my kids.

Practice makes good, right? So practice we did. 

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We practiced with these great dinosaur activities from http://amber-polk.blogspot.com/

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They worked really hard this week, and I am really proud of them- this is not an easy skill to master.  We're not done with our friends F&O, and I have a strange feeling we'll be visiting them again later this spring, but we need to move on!



  1. Wow! I love these ideas! I am totally going to use some of these resources with my kiddos!
    I really like the Aurther game! Thanks for sharing!

    Laura ~ First Grade Spies

  2. Wow great resources and ideas! I agree on Arthur!

    Erika teachtraintriumph

  3. Thank you so much for the shout out! Thanks for sharing the other great resources. I love those dinosaur activities too! Fact and opinion are pretty tricky little guys. I am sorry you feel sick. Something nasty is going around my school too. Feel better soon!

    Eclectic Educating

  4. Fact and Opinion is so hard to teach! Thanks for the freebies!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  5. Thanks for sharing all these awesome resources to use to teach fact and opinion! It really is a challenging skill!

    The Applicious Teacher

  6. Thanks for all the great idea and resources - this is really going to help me get the concept of fact/ opinion across to my kids!
    Common Core Connection

  7. Thank you so much for including all of these resources for teaching fact and opinion. I love the Arthur game. It is new to me. Teaching the difference between fact and opinion is always a challenge.
    Oh, How Pintearesting!


Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it.

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